Trinity Shrooms: Potency, Trip Effects, Dosage & Growing

Trinity Shrooms[i][ii], a cultivated strain of Psilocybe cubensis, are so called because they descend from three other well-known strains. One of these is Penis Envy. The other two depend on who is telling the story.

Trinity is a relatively new strain, so not much is known about it. It’s difficult to find more than introductory information. But everyone does seem clear that Trinity is an unusually potent strain.


Trinity bears a more than passing resemblance to Penis Envy, with a narrow cap and a relatively thick stem, but not to the same extent as its relative—it’s appearance is not so obviously phallic. Penis Envy lacks a veil, while most other cubes have them. Trinity splits the difference and sometimes has a veil, sometimes not. The cap color is normally a light caramel brown with some blue bruising.


Trinity is difficult to confuse with much else because it has something of the unusual look of Penis Envy, but it’s not an exact match. It could conceivably be mixed up with certain other little brown mushrooms that grow wild, but since Trinity is a cultivated strain not found in the wild, such mix-ups seem unlikely.


Trinity is said to offer an intense, very visual but very clear-minded experience grounded in bodily sensations. It has been compared favorably to Z-Strain, though it is not so cerebral[iii]. However, whether strains differ in their effects is debatable. It’s not that strains couldn’t differ in their biochemistry in a way that changes the high. The issue is that trips can vary so much for other reasons—the mindset and biochemistry of the user, the setting, and of course the dose size all make a big difference. So how can one really be sure any of the variation has anything to do with which strain you use?

You’d need to have multiple people using the same strain multiple times under comparable circumstances with the other variables controlled for. Then the same thing with the next strain and the next and the next. And the collected data would have to be properly analyzed. No one seems in a hurry to conduct such a well-organized study, and until somebody does, we won’t really know.

What we do know is that if you consume psilocybin in any form, you’ll find your mood altered (usually very pleasantly, occasionally not), your thought-patterns will change (and may include some important personal insights), and except at very low doses, you’ll hallucinate. The visions will likely be subtle—only at extremely high doses do the hallucinations seriously compete with reality.

Psilocybin mushrooms have been used as an aid to personal and spiritual growth and as a means to treat a variety of medical issues, from depression and anxiety to epilepsy. There is as yet no proof that these medical treatments work, but that doesn’t mean they don’t—and they might. That psilocybin can facilitate personally valuable experiences is more certain, though it’s important to remember the process isn’t automatic. To learn and grow with the help of psilocybin, you have to do the work to prepare for and then afterwards integrate and process the experience. Otherwise, all you’ve got is the thrill of novelty.

Potency and Dosage

Trinity mushrooms are said to be extremely potent, though we haven’t tracked down exactly how their typical tryptamine content compares to that of other strains.

It’s a common misconception that a high-potency shroom means high-intensity trips. Of course, if you set out to eat a standardized dose size, say, two grams, of every strain out there, the more potent ones will give you a more intense trip. But there is no reason (besides research) to take standard doses, and there is a good reason not to.

Psilocybin is very dose-dependent. That means that changes the dose size doesn’t just change the intensity of the effects, it also changes what effects you get. And that goes for both the effects you want and those you don’t, the ones called “side effects,” some of which are dangerous. It’s important to get the amount of psilocybin you want, not the amount you don’t want, both in order to have the experience you seek and as a matter of safety.

What high potency—a higher concentration of psilocybin—means is that you need to eat less to get the right dose. No more, no less.


We could find no information on how to grow the Trinity strain. Trinity spores are available for sale online, so clearly people do grow them. The best thing to do is probably to start with PF Tek, as that works well for most cubes.

Toxicity, Safety, & Side Effects

Psilocybin is a toxin. Psilocybin mushrooms, including Trinity, are poisonous. It’s just a type of poison that a lot of people happen to like, and one whose effects are mostly temporary and rarely dangerous. If someone (such as a child or a pet) eats Trinity mushrooms by accident, they should be treated for mushroom poisoning.

But for the people who do want to trip, side effects are few—and the common ones are mild while the dangerous ones are rare.

Nausea and excessive yawning are common. Vomiting is slightly less so. Balance and coordination problems can be dangerous, but if they happen, simply remain seated. Debilitating anxiety can be a real problem. More serious side effects are also possible, but very rare. Follow basic safety guidelines and ere on the side of taking too little rather than too much because the chance of unpleasant or serious side effects rises with dosage.

Bear in mind that psilocybin is illegal to use or possess in most jurisdictions—another risk to keep yourself safe from.


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