Makilla Gorilla: Potency, Trip Effects, Dosage & Growing

Makilla Gorilla[i] is a relatively new cultivated strain of Psilocybe cubensis. It was developed by crossbreeding Albino Penis Envy (APE) and Melmac, both of which were themselves derived from Penis Envy, a strain notable for its potency and…for looking like a penis, thanks to its very narrow cap. But Makilla Gorilla didn’t inherit the phallic look, the the cap is somewhat narrow, nor did it inherit albinism. Not much information is available about it, but it’s reported to be very potent.

We couldn’t track down the origins of the name, but Magilla Gorilla was a Hannah Barbara character in the 1960’s. The similarities in their names probably isn’t a coincidence.


The Makilla Gorilla strain produces large mushrooms with a thick, meaty stem and a moderately-sized cap. The stem is white or, often, bruised blue. The cap is a pale caramel color. Reportedly, the flesh of this mushroom is unusually dense, meaning it’s a bad idea to eyeball doses. To know how much you’re getting, you need to use a scale.


Makilla Gorilla looks like most other cubes, except much bigger. The thicker stem is also distinctive.


This gorilla is reputed to be very visual, although it’s likely it earned that reputation because, given its potency and density, people often take higher doses than they really meant to. With rare exception, cubes tend to have the same effects regardless of strain—they alter the mood (usually for the better!), foster different and often insightful thought-patterns, and cause hallucinations (especially at higher doses). There is usually some degree of “body high,” plus some other possible effects that are less pleasant and usually called side-effects. Most of the variation between one psilocybin experience and another has to do with dose size and the user’s mindset, setting, and personal biochemistry.

Potency and Dosage

The prospect of a giant mushroom that is also unusually potent makes most people get really excited—or scared. But the truth is that any degree of intensity, from micro to heroic and everything in between, is possible with any psilocybin mushroom provided the dose is right. In fact, with the more potent strains, the important thing is to be careful not to take too much. That is, go ahead and take the dose you want—if you want intensity and have the experience and maturity to do that safely, go ahead and do it. But do not take more than you want, since the risk of dangerous side-effects goes up with the dose size, and goes up especially if the dose is unexpectedly high. So it’s better to take less than you want than to accidentally take more. And with a high-potency mushroom, a small mistake could have big consequences.

But if you want to get excited about the sight of a giant mushroom, go ahead.


We haven’t been able to track down specific information on how to grow this strain, but obviously people do—it’s easy to find proudly offered photographs of beautifully large shrooms growing in tubs. Most likely, the same methods that work for other strains, such as PF Tek or Shoebox, will work here as well.

Toxicity, Safety, & Side-Effects

The mushroom itself doesn’t care what side-effects are, it just has effects, some of which humans enjoy more than others. It’s worth noting that if you don’t want—and didn’t expect—to hallucinate and think oddly, then these beloved psilocybin effects would simply be a case of mushroom poisoning. And should anyone eat a cube without meaning to—a child, say, or a pet—they should get medical attention.

That being said, if you do want to see and think and feel unusual things, psilocybin is a pretty safe way to do it. The common side effects are mild, and the dangerous ones are rare and mostly avoidable.

The most common serious side-effect is debilitating anxiety. It may seem strange that a mushroom sometimes used to treat anxiety can also cause anxiety, but psilocybin doesn’t seem to actually dictate feelings or mindsets. It doesn’t make you feel a certain way. Instead, it takes whatever you’re already feeling and deepens and enlarges it. So if you’re feeling mellow and open-minded, you’ll end up feeling much more so. But if you get scared, you’ll end up in a nightmare. This is why it’s so important to prepare properly for the trip and to not take more than you’re ready for. That being said, it is possible to learn how to ride through a “bad trip” and use it for personal growth. Fear is not necessarily bad.

There are other possible problems, from balance and coordination issues to convulsions, but these, again, are rare. The best way to stay safe is never to trip alone and to never take more than you mean to.

Finally, psilocybin in all forms, including the form of a Makilla Gorilla mushroom, is extremely illegal in most jurisdictions. Penalties can be severe. That, too, is a safety concern


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