Thrasher Mushrooms: Potency, Trip Effects, Dosage & Growing

Thrasher[i] mushrooms are an offshoot of Melmacs, which are in turn an offshoot of Penis Envy. They are not all that well-known—a list of a hundred or so popular P. cubensis strains might not include them—and yet they are the favorite of some users.

Identification & Description

Thrashers have a very thick stem and a smallish, but meaty cap—they are not quite as phallic-looking as Penis Envy (not much is, other than actual penises), but they are much more so than Melmacs. The pale stems (often with bluish bruising) and light brown caps mean their coloration, if not their shape, is about typical for their species.


Thrasher is one of the few cubes that has a really distinct look. Not much resembles it, except some of the other PE variants.

Trip Effects

Thrasher has a reputation for being extremely visual, but otherwise only moderately potent. That is, you’ll see more but be less high than you would on another strain at a similar dose. But the fact is that even within a strain, mushrooms vary significantly, meaning that there is a lot of biochemical overlap between strains—and in any case the dosage and the user’s set, setting, and personal biochemistry have far more to do with the quality of a given trip than the choice of strain does[ii].

So, Thrasher, just like other cubes (and most psilocybin mushrooms in general) causes variations in thought-pattern, mood, and perception. Ideally, that means profound insights, euphoria and a sense of connectedness, and some entertaining visuals (although very low doses might not change perception much, if at all). Rare but possible are freaky, unpleasant experiences and horrible anxiety, but there are steps users can take to avoid that, and an experienced psychonaut can learn a great deal from even a “bad” trip.

Besides psychological effects, psilocybin also does other things to the body, most of them benign (or possibly even helpful), but some side-effects are unpleasant, such as nausea. Serious, even dangerous, side-effects are rare but possible, especially on higher doses.

Potency and Dosage

Thrasher is considered of moderate potency, meaning that depending on what other strains you are used to, doses might need to be smaller or larger to get the same effect. But because potency can very significantly even within a strain, it’s better not to rely on precise dosing guidelines. Instead, start low, see how it goes, and add more if you want.

One method microdosers sometimes use is to get a large batch of mushrooms, powder and mix it, and then use trial-and-error to find the ideal dose for that batch. Then, precise doses can be measured out for the rest of that batch. The same approach works for people who like stronger trips and plan to take their shrooms as gummies or other edibles—when making up a batch of candy, you can work out the ideal dose size and then adjust your recipe accordingly.

Buying or Growing Thrasher Magic Mushrooms

Usually, growing your own magic mushrooms is a good option for a lot of people. Not only is it cheaper on a per-dose basis (of course you do get a lot more doses, so the initial investment is greater) but the process is very discrete—in a lot of jurisdictions (not all of them), possession of psilocybin in any form is illegal, but because spores don’t contain psilocybin, they are legal to purchase. You don’t need to risk going on the black market to set up a grow, because all your supplies are legal.

However, that doesn’t quite work with Penis Envy, since that strain has such small caps that the gills are stunted—spore production is minimal. PE is normally grown from cultures which, unlike spores, do contain psilocybin. We haven’t been able to track down information on Thrasher’s spore production, but because of its PE-like shape, it’s likely that its spores are hard to find.

You can still grow your own, and mushroom cultivation is a fascinating hobby that gives you a great deal of control over the quality of your product. It’s just not quite as advantageous if you have to start with a culture.

Buying does have its advantages in any case, notably that you can get just a dose or two at a time, which might be all you want, if you are new to mushrooms and don’t yet know if you’ll like them, or if you are an experienced user and want to try a different kind every week.

It really comes down to how much Thrasher mushroom you want and how often, and what sorts of legal risks you are willing to take.


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