True Albino Teacher: TAT Shrooms Potency, Dosage & Growing

The True Albino Teacher[i], or “TAT,” is an albino version of the Golden Teacher, one of the most popular cultivated strains of Psilocybe cubensis. The “true” part of the name refers to the fact that it is completely pigmentless, rather than merely white. It differs from its parent strain in several other respects as well, but still has a family resemblance.

According to legend, TAT began as a spontaneous mutation in a tub of Golden Teachers, but was then stabilized through careful work by a breeder.

Identification & Description

TAT looks like a fairly typical cube, except for being all-white. It even has unpigmented spores.


TAT is quite distinctive-looking, being an albino, although there are other albino cube strains, plus some strains that are not albino but are mostly or usually white (meaning at the very least, they have dark spores). TAT won’t be mixed up with APE (Albino Penis Envy), since the latter looks, well, penis-like, but the others are possible sources of confusion. Fortunately, TAT doesn’t grow wild, so the chances of finding one and not having a grower or dealer there to tell you what it is are very small.

Trip Effects

TAT varies from slightly above average potency to significantly above average potency—it is like Golden Teacher in that respect but more so. The trip effects themselves, though, are about the same as for all other cubes.

Psilocybin trips vary a lot, but the strain of the mushroom is not a very important variable. Instead, what really matters is the set and setting of the user, as well as the user’s personal biochemistry and, of course, the dose. Psilocybin alters consciousness in three ways: perception, cognition, and mood.

Changes in perception mean hallucinations, though these are very dose-dependent. A very small dose might not alter perception at all, while still changing both mood and thought-patterns. Even at moderate recreational doses, hallucinations might remain subtle—a brightening of colors, walls breathing, and so forth. It is only a very high doses that a person sees things that just totally aren’t there.

Changes in cognition mean, ideally, important personal and spiritual insight, though these will be less important than they seem if the user doesn’t take the time afterwards to integrate and understand them. Changes in mood ideally mean feelings of euphoria and connectedness, though horrible anxiety is also an option. Psilocybin is often said to enhance whatever feelings the user brings to the experience, hence the importance of establishing a pleasant and safe setting and a positive mindset before beginning—although experienced psyconauts can find much of value in a “bad” trip, too.

It’s worth noting that psilocybin doesn’t only alter the mind. Some people suspect it of being useful for treating a variety of medical conditions, plus side effects can include excessive yawning, nausea, and problems with balance and coordination. More serious side effects are rare, but possible. Use caution.

Potency and Dosage

TAT is considered of above-average potency, for a cube, meaning that you need to take less to get the same effects. However, potency still varies from mushroom to mushrooms even within the strain, plus user sensitivity to psilocybin varies. Precise dosage recommendations, while widely available, are therefor not a good idea. Instead, start with a low dose and add more if you want. Alternatively, you can dry and powder a large batch and use trial and error to establish dosages for that batch.

The powder can be measured and used as is, or made into candy. If the candy is made properly, each candy will have the same amount of powder in it, meaning counting out candies becomes a great way to measure the dose you want.

Buying vs. Selling True Albino Teacher

If you want some magic mushrooms, your options are to buy some or grow your own (gathering wild shrooms is possible, but not recommended except for experienced foragers—but in any case, TATs don’t grow wild). In general, growing is a better option if you want a large, consistent supply, live somewhere that buying and possessing spores is legal but buying and possessing shrooms is not, and have a place where you can grow discretely. Buying is better is you only want a few doses, live somewhere that possession for personal use has been decriminalized (note that having a six-month supply on hand will not likely be seen as “personal use” by a district attorney), or don’t have a secure place to grow.

TATs are a little different in that they are difficult to grow and not recommended for beginners. If you have your heart set on this strain but don’t have advanced skills as a grower yet, you’ll have to buy—or hope a friend with a good supply shares.


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