Treasure Coast Shrooms: Potency, Trip Effects, Dosage & Growing

Treasure Coast[i] is another Psilocybin cubensis strain for which we have more legend than fact. As the name suggests, it was supposedly collected along the Treasure Coast region of Florida’s shoreline, but who collected it and who stabilized it and when has been lost to history. According to legend, too, the Treasure Coast strain is extremely potent, but the few samples measured have been solidly average—although an average cube is nothing to sneeze at. It is possible, too, that the strain is variable.

Treasure Coast has been used to produce a variant, the Albino Treasure Coast, an essentially identical mushroom, except for the color. Curiously, the Albino TC is not a true albino; it is leucistic, meaning it has some pigment, just much less than the parent strain.

Identification and Description

Treasure Coast is a pretty typical cube, as far as appearance goes, with a caramel-colored cap and a pale stem. It is usually small, though the occasional giant specimen can appear.


As a typical-looking cube, Treasure Coast resembles all other typical-looking cubes. It also bears a fair resemblance to a great many other mushroom species—turns out, there are more than a few small, brownish, nondescript mushrooms out there. And some of them are dangerously toxic. It’s not that they all look exactly alike, it’s that they have the same “look.” Foragers who know what details to look for can easily avoid the dangerous species. People inexperienced with wild mushrooms, and those who are familiar but who skip steps don’t always survive the mistake.


We have not heard any claims that the high of Treasure Coast is unusual—and such claims are questionable anyway, since there are so many factors known to influence the course of a psilocybin trip (setting, mind-set, dose-size, experience level) that any variation due to the strain must be overwhelmed. But in general, psilocybin trips include temporarily altered mood, thought-pattern, and perception. The changes in mood depend largely on the mood the user went in with, as the mushroom seems to take whatever the user is a feeling and amplify it. Changes in perception tend to be subtle except at high doses. Changes in thought-pattern often include important personal and spiritual insights. It is important to take time after a trip to process and integrate the experience, otherwise those insights don’t make the difference they should.

Potency and Dosage

Treasure Coast has a reputation for high potency, but it has actually tested as solidly in the middle range. Of course some variation is to be expected, and it’s a good idea to err on the side of taking too little rather that too much, in case the mushroom you’ve got is stronger than expected. If what you want is a really intense experience, you can certainly get it with Treasure Coast—just take a little extra.


Treasure Coast does best on either rye grain or brown rice flour substrate. It has a short colonization time, which makes it resistant to contamination. Unfortunately, it also has a quirk that makes it a difficult strain for beginners—the first flush is usually poor, and keeping the colony going beyond the first flush can be tricky. However, growers who can get second and third flushes will be rewarded with impressive yields.

Toxicity, Safety, & Side Effects

Psilocybe cubensis is one of the safer mind-altering agents, but it is not completely risk-free. Unpleasant side effects, such as nausea, are common. Debilitating anxiety is not entirely uncommon, especially with an unexpectedly large dose. And while more dangerous side effects, such as convulsions, are rare, they are possible.

The chance of serious side effects or other problems (such as the consequences of drug-induced behavior) can be minimized by following certain basic safety procedures, such as not taking too much, having a sober trip-sitter, and taking the time for proper preparation before and proper integration afterwards.

Then, of course, there is legal risk, since possession and use of psilocybin is extremely illegal in most jurisdictions, and penalties can be draconian. Know the law in your area. Do not get sent to prison.


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