Jack Frost Mushroom: Potency, Trip Effects, Dosage & Growing

Jack Frost[i] is a cultivated strain of Psilocybe cubensis. As the strain’s name implies, it is white, a true albino, and while it is a comparatively new strain and not much is known about it, those who have tried the strain speak very well of it. Although its original cultivator isn’t known (even rumors crediting a certain person known only by pseudonym are not substantiated), Jack Frost is reputed to be a cross between Albino Penis Envy and True Albino Teacher, two well-known and highly popular strains.

Identification and Description

Jack Frost does not have a penis-like shape, despite its parentage. It does have a thick steam and a heavy, meaty cap, but the cap opens widely, even turning upwards at maturity. Spore production is copious but the spores are white, suggesting a sprinkling of snow. The gills are blue, and unusual feature thought by many to indicate very high psilocybin content—actually, though blue bruising does indicate the presence of psilocybin, that doesn’t mean potency can be estimated from the readiness to bruise. And in any case, the color of the gills may or may not be psilocybin-related. Regardless, this is a pretty mushroom.

Jack Frost does bruise blue when handled roughly, and for that reason dried specimens are often quite blue. Those who prefer a truly white mushroom need to ensure gentle handling.


Not much else looks like Jack Frost. Although there are other albino cube strains, few of them could be easily mistaken for Jack Frost.


The effects of Jack Frost are almost certainly the same as those of any other cube—even if biochemistry varies from one strain to another, the distinction between strains is probably swamped by other factors that can also alter the course of a trip, such as the user’s mindset and setting. What definitely can vary between strains is potency, and since the effects of psilocybin vary with dosage, it’s quite likely that users are taking more than they expect, and thus getting stronger, more visual trips, with the more potent strains.

Potency and Dosage

Is Jack Frost a potent strain? That’s actually not clear. The two times it was tested, it came up with only a high-average psilocybin concentration—but based on anecdotal reports, it sounds as if the strain must be well above average. Most probably, Jack Frost varies in potency, and the two samples tested were simply not the best this strain can do. Now, an unusually potent mushroom translates to a dose that is larger than its physical size would suggest. Since unexpectedly large doses are a major risk factor for unpleasant or even dangerous side effects, users should therefore be even more cautious than usual about dosing. Err on the side of taking too little, then take more if needed.


Jack Frost is intermediate in terms of cultivation difficulty. It can be picky about temperature—although slightly cooler temps won’t be fatal to a grow, failure to keep the temperature warm and stable will impair yield. Most growers use a heat mat with this strain. Jack Frost has only moderate contamination resistance, too, so while it’s certainly better than some strains in that respect, good sterile technique is still a must. But this strain is not picky about its substrate. Rye seems to be its favorite growth medium, but it’s happy to grow and produce on anything that works with other cubes. Colonization time can be a little slow, but otherwise growth is fast, and successive flushes can be turned out one after another in not much time.

Getting spores for this rare strain can be difficult, but they are out there.

Toxicity, Safety & Side Effects

The main danger in use of Jack Frost, or any other psilocybin mushroom, is that of prosecution, as psilocybin is illegal to use or even possess in most jurisdictions. Know the law in your area, and please do not risk jail time.

Other than that, risks associated with psilocybin use are relatively low but not inconsequential—serious side effects are rare, but do occur, especially with larger doses. Following a few basic safely guidelines should help. These guidelines include preparing properly for each trip, never tripping alone, never taking more than you need for the kind of experience you want, and taking time to process and integrate the experience afterwards.


[i]      McElroy, C. (2023). Jack Frost Strain: An Albino with a Twist

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