Blue Honey: How to Make Psychedelic Magic Mushshroom Honey

There are at least three ways to get blue honey.

You can give your bees access to a candy factory that doesn’t put lids on the blue sugar syrup. Yes, this has actually happened (by accident; the weird-colored honey wasn’t salable)[i].

Alternatively, some natural nectars will turn blue during the bees’ honey-making process if the flowers were growing in aluminum-rich soil—bee keepers usually insist that the blue honey came from blueberries, but the juice of blueberries is not blue[ii].

Or, you can get yourself some normal-colored honey and mix it with psilocybin mushrooms[iii][iv].

While mushroom-infused honey is often called “blue honey,” it is not actually always blue. It will only turn blue if the mushroom in question was bruised, and the color change isn’t exactly optimal—it means that some of the psilocybin was destroyed by exposure to air. But a little bit of bluing still leaves plenty of psilocybin to enjoy, and “blue honey” is a cool name whether your product ends up literally blue or not.

The reason to make blue honey is essentially to hide the mushroomy taste, which many people do not like. You can eat the honey by the spoon or mix it into drinks or spread it on toast (some writers recommend using it for baking, but please remember heat destroys psilocybin). Reportedly the effects of the mushroom don’t change; your trip simply begins in a more delicious way.

How to Make Blue Shroom Honey

Making blue honey is quite easy and requires no special equipment—all you really need to do is mix the dried shroom powder and the honey together, put the result away in a cabinet for awhile, and you’re good to go. We’ve just added a few extra steps to make figuring out the dosage easier.

Equipment and Ingredients

Note that the mushrooms must be cracker-dry as any moisture in them could cause the honey to ferment. The honey itself should be relatively runny as thicker honeys are harder to mix.


  1. Weigh your mushrooms and record their weight. You’ll need this information later.
  2. Powder your mushrooms using a coffee grinder, mortar and pestle, or whatever else you like to use. This increases the surface area of the mushroom particles and helps the psilocybin seep out into the honey.
  3. Mix the powder into your honey; how much honey you use is up to you, but the more honey you use (for the same amount of mushroom), the less potent your final product will be—and the sweeter it will be.
  4. Weigh the mixed honey (subtract the weight of the jar). Record the result.
  5. Calculate the dosage (see below), write it on masking tape, and stick it to the jar.
  6. Put the lid on and put your mushroom honey away in a cool, dark place for at least a month. Up to four months is better.

Once your honey has sat with itself for a while, the psilocybin will be infused throughout the honey—basically you’ve made tea with honey instead of with water. You can then use the honey however you would any other psilocybin product.

Note: if you really like honey, be sure to have some regular honey on hand, too. You don’t want to go on eating more and more blue honey with a spoon while you wait for the effects to come on and accidentally over-dose yourself! Just take your measured dose and then switch to regular honey if you want to further indulge your sweet-tooth!

Dosage and Potency

The potency of a jar of blue honey depends on how much mushroom you put in and what mushroom you used. Therefore, to calculate dose sizes for yourself, you’ll need the following information:

  • The potency of the mushroom you used
  • The weight, in grams, of the dried mushroom you used
  • The total weight in grams (minus the weight of the jar!) of the blue honey you have made up
  • The conversion figure for grams of honey to teaspoons (you can find this number online; unfortunately there is more than one version of the number, so you’ll have to sort out which is most reliable)

Now, you need a little bit of math:

  1. Calculate how many teaspoons of blue honey you have
  2. Divide the number of teaspoons of blue honey by the number of grams of dried mushroom you put in the honey. This should give you the amount of honey that contains one gram of mushroom. This is the figure you put on the jar.
  3. When you’re ready to use the honey, measure out however much blue honey contains the number of grams of mushroom you want to take.


Is There a Vegan Alternative to Blue Honey?

Yes! Use agave nectar in place of honey. The whole process works exactly the same way.

Is Blue Honey Stronger than Normal Shrooms?

No—in fact, a gram of honey will be weaker than a gram of plain dried mushroom would have been. But if you wanted to eat plain dried mushroom, you would have. You wanted honey.

Can I Microdose Shroom Honey?

Sure! Just calculate out the dose size you want. If you want more than a smidgen of sweet honey per microdose, just use more honey for the same amount of mushroom when you make the mixture.

How Should I Store Blue Honey?

Just keep your jar in a cool, dark place. The honey itself will protect the mushroom from air and moisture.


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