Blue Magnolia Rust: Potency, Trip Effects & Dosage

Blue Magnolia Rust is a cultivated strain of Psilocybe cubensis, and finding out anything else about it is difficult. That’s because the strain is both new and rare, so little information is available about it—and what is available is conflicting. The most plausible version is that Blue Magnolia Rust is a rusty-spored variant of Blue Magnolia Classic, itself a relatively new strain isolated only in 2011[i]. But not much information is available on Blue Magnolia Classic, either.

Note that “rust” is also the name of a large number of wild fungi that do not produce mushrooms. The name seems to be a coincidence, but could cause confusion.

Identification and Description

Blue Magnolia Rust is a typical cube in general appearance, but can get quite large. It can bruise blue, as most psilocybin mushrooms can, but is not especially blue otherwise—more of a light brown to pale gold. Detailed descriptions tend to contradict each other and are therefore unreliable.


Blue Magnolia Rust looks more or less like a great many other cube strains, though if it does have rust-colored spores, those would be distinctive. Like most cube strains, this one bears some resemblance to a great number of other small, brownish, nondescript mushrooms, but since Blue Magnolia Rust is a cultivated strain, there is no need to be able to differentiate it from wild mushrooms.


Blue Magnolia Rust has the same effects as most, perhaps all other shrooms—although certain strains are rumored to have distinct effects, some being more spiritual, others more visual, and so forth, the reality is that every trip would be unique even if cubes were all chemically identical because of variation in the biochemistry and mindset of the user. Most likely cube strains vary in their potency but not in the qualitative effects of their trips. In any case, unusual, distinctive effects are not claimed for Blue Magnolia Rust. Its effects are simply those of psilocybin: mood changes (most often euphoria and feelings of connection); cognitive changes (sometimes including valuable personal insights; and, especially at higher doses, hallucinations.

Potency and Dosage

The experience of a psilocybin trip depends largely, but not wholly, on dose size. Very low doses, the so-called microdose, are not actually hallucinogenic. Very high doses, the so-called heroic dose, can cause ego-death and other intense experiences that don’t happen at more moderate doses. And the risk of unpleasant or even dangerous side-effects increases with dose size, especially if the user isn’t prepared mentally or physically for the larger does. Getting the does right is important.

But getting the dose right depends on knowing the potency, which can vary, not only from one strain to another, but even from one mushroom to another, even within the same batch. It’s not true that more potent strains carry more intense trips—it’s possible to have a light trip on a potent strain by taking a small enough dose. The issue is that underestimating potency results in a larger-than-intended dose. And a minor error in measurement can make a big difference.

Blue Magnolia Rust is rumored to be an unusually potent strain[ii].


We have not been able to track down any specific and reliable information about cultivation—other than that it can be cultivated by methods used for other cubes, and that it is intermediate in difficulty.

Toxicity, Safety, & Side Effects

Cubes generally have no toxins besides psilocybin—which is a toxin, just a comparatively mild one whose effects most humans happen to like. Those who doubt that can consider what it would be like to have an unplanned, unwanted trip. But a well-planned, well-wanted trip is usually quite safe. The most common side-effects, nausea and excessive yawning, are minor. Another side-effect, anxiety, can be debilitating, but by going into the trip with a positive mindset in a mellow, safe setting goes a long way towards minimizing the chance of anxiety. More dangerous side-effects, such as convulsions or even death, are extremely rare, and can be made less likely still by not taking too much.

There are several standard safety procedures that it’s wise to abide by:

  • Take the minimum amount necessary to get the effects you want—too little is better than too much
  • Never take dramatically more than you have taken before—work up to larger doses slowly
  • Do the necessary personal work beforehand to become emotionally mature enough to handle the experience
  • Do the personal work necessary personal work afterwards to process and learn from the experience, otherwise any insights you experience will be wasted
  • If you get dizzy or uncoordinated, stay seated
  • Always have a sober tripsitter. Even if you do not require someone able to talk you down from an anxiety episode, you might need someone to handle any unexpected practical needs that come up, such as driving somewhere.


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