Psilocybe graveolens: Identification, Look Alikes & More

Psilocybe graveolens[i] is a mushroom in the same genus as many of the best-known psychoactive mushrooms. However the species is very rare and may only have been collected once—a second collection of what could be the same species was made more recently—so very little is known about the species[ii].

Identification and Description

Cap: Very small, brownish or orangish initially but fading through yellow to whitish. Sometimes greenish.
Stem: Thin and proportionately long. Can be whitish, brownish, or greenish. Sometimes hollow. A faint ring soon vanishes.
Gills: Brownish to brown, sometimes with pale edges.
Spore color:  dark, purplish brown.
Odor: Distinctive and unpleasant.

This species has not been extensively studied, and there is very little collected material. That means that we don’t know how much this species might be able to vary. Similarly, although these mushrooms have only been found in saturated salt-marsh in New Jersey, it’s not clear whether that is the only place they can live. There may be other populations in other places that just have not been found.


There are many mushroom species that look vaguely similar, including the smaller Psilocybes and the aptly-named Deadly Galerina (Galerina marginata). However, few are quite so small, and few, if any, could grow in the same habitat.


The effects of eating this mushroom are unknown as there is no record of it having been eaten. It may or may not be psychoactive. It could also be toxic, we don’t know.

Potency and Dosage

Again, we have no information on potency or dosage, as the species has not been eaten.


There is no record of anyone having cultivated this species, or even trying to do so.

Toxicity, Safety, & Side Effects

The main safety concern with this mushroom is that nobody is known to have eaten it. That means it could be poisonous. It’s likely the mystery will never be solved, as this species is too rare and too small to harvest.


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