Trametes Gibbosa: The Lumpy Bracket Mushrooms Identification & Info

The lumpy bracket, Trametes gibbosa (Pers.) Fr.


Agarico-suber scalptum Paulet, Traité Champ.
  Atlas 2: 76 (1793)
Bulliardia virescens Lázaro Ibiza, Revta R.
  Acad. Cienc. exact. fis. nat. Madr. 14: 843 (1916)
Daedalea gibbosa (Pers.) Pers.
  Syn. meth. fung. (Göttingen) 2: 501 (1801)
Daedalea polyzona sensu auct.
  fide Checklist of Basidiomycota of Great Britain and Ireland (2005)
Daedalea virescens (Lázaro Ibiza) Sacc. & Trotter
  Syll. fung. (Abellini) 23: 449 (1925)
Lenzites gibbosa (Pers.) Hemmi
  Ann. phytopath. Soc. Japan 9: 12 (1939)
Merulius gibbosus Pers.
  Annalen der Botanik 15: 21 (1795)
Polyporus gibbosus (Pers.) P. Kumm.
  Führ. Pilzk. (Zwickau): 59 (1871)
Polystictus kalchbrenneri (Fr.) Cooke
  Grevillea 14(no. 71): 77 (1886)
Pseudotrametes gibbosa (Pers.) Bondartsev & Singer
  Mycologia 36: 68 (1944)
Trametes crenulata Berk.
  Hooker’s J. Bot. Kew Gard. Misc. 6: 164 (1854)
Trametes gibbosa f. tenuis Pilát
  Atl. Champ. Europ. 1: 290 (1940)
Trametes kalchbrenneri Fr.
  Math. Természettud. Közlem. 5: 264 (1868)
Trametes nigrescens Lázaro Ibiza, Revta R.
  Acad. Cienc. exact. fis. nat. Madr. 14: 523 (1916)

Common names

Beech bracket
Lumpy Bracket
Outkovka hrbatá  (Czech)
Puklet Læderporesvamp (Danish)
Witte bultzwam (Dutch)
Tramète bossue (French)
Gebuckelte Tramete/Buckeltramete (German)
Púpos egyrétűtapló (Hungarian)
Bøkekjuke (Norwegian)
Wrośniak garbaty (Polish)
траметес горбатый (Russian)
Trúdnikovec hrbatý (Slovakian)
Grbasta ploskocevka (Slovenian)
Korkticka (Swedish)


Kingdom Fungi
Phylum Basidiomycota
Class Basidiomycetes
Order Polyporales
Family Polyporaceae
Genus Trametes

Molecular phylogeny analyses based on nuclear ribosomal DNA sequences of various European Trametes suggests that T. gibbosa may be more appropriately placed in the genus Lenzites (Tomsovsky et al., 2006). Until that change is made official, I’ll call it Trametes.

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Fruiting body: 5-20 cm x 1-8 cm thick; sessile; color greyish white, semicircular, slightly convex, upper surface initially downy, later smooth; flesh white, thick, initially soft, later tough and hard when dry. Upper surface often colored green due to algal growth.
Pores: creamy-white, elongated and slotlike in a radial arrangement, 1-2 per mm; tubes creamy-white, 5-15 mm deep.

Trametes gibbosa Gills
The characteristic radially elongated, slotlike pores of T. gibbosa.

Spores: hyaline, smooth, cylindrical or allantoid, nonamyloid, 4-5.5 x 2-2.5 µm.
Taste and odor: not distinctive.
Habitat: saprophytic on trunks and stems of deciduous trees, especially ash, beech, poplar, and maple; causes white-rot.
Distribution: According to Kout and Vlasák (2007), it is common in Europe and Asia, but prior to their publication, not previously reported in North America; this may be due to confusion with the similar species Lenzites elegans. Their mating compatibility studies of European and North American specimens suggests it was recently introduced to North America, possible as an invasive species. It is not uncommon in northern Saskatchewan, my usual mushroom hunting grounds.

Medicinal properties

Antiinflammatory/vasoprotective activity

Research has shown that polysaccharides isolated from the fruit bodies of T. gibbosa have the ability to confer a protective effect to rat blood vessels in the carrageenan assay, suggesting their possible use in pathological disease conditions leading to endothelial damage (Czarnecki and Grzybek, 1995). Carrageenans are a family of linear sulphated polysaccharides from seaweed that, when injected into the pleural cavity of various animals, cause an inflammatory reaction. The study demonstrated that intravenous administration of T. gibbosa polysaccharides neutralized changes in blood vessel permeability, decreased total protein levels in the pleural effusion, increased the number of neutrophils and eosinophils while reducing the number of lymphocytes in the surrounding blood.

Antitumor activity

Polysaccharides extracted from the mycelial culture of T. gibbosa and administered intraperitoneally into white mice at a dosage of 300 mg/kg inhibited the growth of Sarcoma 180 and Ehrlich solid cancers by 80% and 90%, respectively (Ohtsuka et al., 1973).

The petroleum ether and ethyl acetate extract of T. gibbosa were shown to be cytotoxic to human cervix epitheloid carcinoma cell lines (Hela) and human hepatoma cell lines (SMMC-7721) using the MTT-dye assay. The methanol extract, however, showed weak activity when compared with the flavonoid quercetin (Ren et al., 2006).

Recently, it was shown that organic extracts of T. gibbosum (as Daedalea gibbosa) mycelium are effective in inhibiting the growth of K562 cells, a laboratory model of human chronic myelogenous leukemia (Yassin et al., 2008).

Antiviral effects

Methanol extracts from T. gibbosa were shown to have mild inhibitory effects (i.e., <40% inhibition) on HIV-1 reverse transcriptase activity in vitro (Mlinarič et al., 2005).



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