Guepinia helvelloides

Salmon salad, Guepinia helvelloides (DC.) Fr.


Kingdom Fungi
Phylum Basidiomycota
Class Basidiomycetes
Order Tremellales
Family Exidiaceae
Genus Guepinia


Guepinia rufa (Jacq.) Beck
Guepinia rufa (DC.) Keissl.
Gyrocephalus rufus (Jacq.) Bref.
Phlogiotis helvelloides (DC.) G.W. Martin
Phlogiotis rufa (Jacq.) Quél.
Tremella helvelloides DC.
Tremella rufa Jacq.
Tremiscus helvelloides (DC.) Donk

Common names

Salmon salad
Candied Red Jelly Fungus


Fruiting body: 3-15 cm high, 4-6 cm wide, infundibuloform or ear-shaped with a lobed, flaring margin; red to red/orange to salmon-pink; smooth or slightly wrinkled.
Stem: short, off-center, pallid.
Flesh: elastic; gelatinous; tough when dry.
Spores: hyaline, smooth, oblong to irregularly elliptical with a distinct apiculus, non-amyloid, 9.5-11 x 5-6 µm.
Spore print: white.
Habitat and habitat: gregarious to caespitose; on rotting wood or on the ground under conifers. Found in Europe and North America, infrequent but widespread. Has been reported in Turkey (Türkoğlu et al., 2007).
Season: Spring, autumn.
Edibility: Edible.

Guepinia helvelloides


Anti-tumor activity

Polysaccharides extracted from the mycelial culture of G. helvelloides and administered intraperitoneally into white mice at a dosage of 300 mg/kg inhibited the growth of Sarcoma 180 and Ehrlich solid cancers by 100% (Ohtsuka et al., 1973).

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Polysaccharides having an anticarcinogenic effect and a method of producing them from species of Basidiomycetes.
UK Patent 1331513, 26 September 1973.

Türkoğlu A, Kaşik G, Öztürk C, Doğan HH.
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